Our menu changes everyday to fit what is fresh in the market but here are some of our popular dishes:


Meze Platter 14

Homemade Hummus, Babaganoush, Falafel with a garnish of fried frisse and apple and a touch of Egyptian spices.

Beet Salad 8

Dill, apple, onions, garlic, vinegar

Egyptian Shakshuka 12


Spicy served w/ pita

Pumpkin Dumpling

Homemade w/ tomato sauce

Alexandria Koshery

Topped w/ poached egg

Cauliflower Salad 10

Dill, onions, garlic, pomegranate reduction, cumin, coriander, tumeric, white vinegar


Grilled Steak

w/ grilled vegetables and lemon potatoes pomegranate

Alexandria Burger

Grilled Chops 27

Baby Lamb or Goat

w/ grilled baby eggplant, potatoes, pomegranate reduction

Sliced Shank 25

Baby Lamb or Goat

w/ Season vegetables, whole wheat couscous

Grilled Kabab

Chicken, Beef, or Ground Beef

w/ Grilled vegetables


Hawawshi of the Day 12

Served w/ grilled vegetables, hummus, tahini dressing, yogurt

Biryani of the Day

Fish of the Day


Dessert of the Day